Thursday, November 29, 2012

To go with that video...

"The most powerful and magical language is music. The reason for this is that music is the original language. Music is the language of creation. In The Silmarillion (as in Lewis's creation story in The Magician's Nephew), God and His angels sing the world into being: 'In the beginning, Eru, the One, who in the Elvish tongue is named Iluvatar, made the Ainur of his thought; and they made a great Music before him. In this Music the World was begun.'

It is not that the music was in the world but that the world was in the music. This is 'the music of the spheres', in which everything is, the 'Song of Songs' that includes all songs. All matter, space, time, and history are in this primal language.

Plato knew the power of music. In the Republic it is the first step in education in the good society and the first step in corruption in the bad one. Nothing is more powerful to the good society, to education, to human happiness in this world.

Music is not ornamented poetry, and poetry is not ornamented prose. Poetry is fallen music, and prose is fallen poetry. Prose is not the original language; it is poetry made practical. Even poetry is not the original language; it is music made speakable, it is the words of music separated from their music. In the beginning was music."
~Peter Kreeft, The Philosophy of Tolkien

I'm not especially musical, but one doesn't have to be in order to appreciate this! The book was really good too.  =)


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