Someday I Will...

Things to Do

Learn Spanish & Latin or Greek & French & Italian
Memorize chapters of the Bible
Memorize lot’s of poetry
Travel all over the world
Explore England
Visit LOTR sites in New Zealand
Wear a Civil War ball dress
Learn to Ice Skate beautifully
Ride a horse through WY and/or New Zealand
Go to an Il Volo concert
Meet a famous person
Play guitar like this
Read all the Waverley novels and all the Landmark books
Learn/identify trees, birds, flowers and constellations
See the Aurora Borealis
See a total solar eclipse
Backpack through the Alps and the Highlands
Have my own horse &/or dog
Fall in love
Have/wear a gorgously red dress
Ride an elephant
Play with a Koala or Kiwi bird
Be in a flash mob.

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